What Are Common Household Pest And Where To Find Them?

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No matter where you live, household pests are inescapable. However, knowing what pests to look for and where they hide can help you prevent an infestation. The pest control experts at Ortex Termite & Pest Control detail some of the most common household pests and where you’ll find them in your house.

Common Pests in Your Home


Mice enter your home through the smallest cracks and holes. They chew on hard and soft surfaces, destroying food and property and leaving a mess behind. Their large litters can cause significant problems without prompt removal and thorough preventive tactics.


A termite infestation is a nightmare for many homeowners because of the extensive damage it can cause. Termites eat wood, damaging your home’s structure. They reach the tiniest crevices in your home, making treatment difficult and costly.

A professional termite treatment is crucial to prevent further structural damage. A pest control team like Ortex Termite & Pest Control will determine the extent of termite damage and implement suitable treatments.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infiltrate your home via boxes, clothing, furniture, and more. A nocturnal insect, bed bugs multiply quickly, spreading to cloth furniture overnight. Their bites create painful, itchy spots.


While some spiders are harmless, many species are venomous, making them uninvited guests in your home. They enter your home through improperly sealed doors, cracks in walls, and other tight openings. Venomous spiders require professional extermination for safe removal.


Cockroaches contaminate food and surfaces, spreading disease-causing bacteria. These resilient pests multiply quickly and thrive in dirty environments. While they are most common in the kitchen, they can find trash and food waste anywhere. Cockroaches can quickly infest entire homes and spread to multiple houses.


There are several species of ants. No matter the weather, these tiny insects can find their way into your home. Ants search for food and water, silently wreaking havoc throughout your home in the process.

Sealing cracks can prevent ants from getting indoors, or pest control professionals can eliminate them.

Popular Hiding Spots for Household Pests


Rodents, termites, and arachnids make nests in your home’s walls. If you hear something crawling inside your walls, it’s likely a mouse or rat. Trapping these pests and sealing holes will prevent them from causing damage in hard-to-reach places.

Mice are notorious for chewing on wires. If you suspect a mouse infestation, seek prompt pest removal to avoid electrical damage before it happens.


Dark, undisturbed spaces like closets are prime hiding spots for mice, spiders, and beetles. Closets with boxes, papers, and clothes are ideal for hiding and building nests. Additionally, pests such as moths and crickets eat fabric, making the closet even more appealing.

Basements and Attics

Pests such as millipedes, beetles, and termites gravitate towards damp environments. Basements make excellent hiding spots due to the dark, dingy atmosphere those spaces usually embody. Plenty of storage spaces and ideal moisture conditions mean you’ll need pest control eventually.

Attics attract larger pests, such as squirrels, raccoons, and other rodents looking for warm, dry conditions. These pests nest in your attic’s insulation, destroy your belongings and spread fleas and ticks.


Your garage is less busy than your home, making it an ideal place for pests to hide. With plenty of storage boxes and garbage, pests will find your garage a comfortable hiding spot while waiting to enter the rest of your home.

Garbage Cans

Most pests find trash appealing. Whether you set your trash can outside, in the garage, or in the kitchen, they will detect its presence. Leaving your garbage cans open draws flies, ants, and other inconvenient pests.

Recycling bins are also a prime location for insects. Pests that eat paper, cardboard, and glue make homes in these areas due to the significant food source.


It’s common for spiders and other pests to enter the home through your drains. Mice, cockroaches, and many insects travel through sewer lines. Some pests detect odors from hygiene products and find their way inside through faucets.


Choose Ortex for Household Pest Control

Scheduling pest control services as soon as you notice pests in your home prevents illness, structural damage to your home, and more. Ortex Termite & Pest Control has over sixty years of pest control experience. Whether you need pest control, termite control services, moisture barriers, or soil treatments, we can help.

Don’t let pesky pests infiltrate your home. Contact the pest control professionals at Ortex for thorough extermination and pest prevention services. Call our Clarksville location today at 931-213-7257.

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