Rodent Control: The Best Bait For Mouse Traps

Metal Pedal Mouse Trap with cheese

Mice are pesky critters that can invade your home at any time. Finding the best bait for mouse traps is crucial in ensuring you catch these little creatures quickly and efficiently. However, making the mistake of using the wrong trick can prolong the process and lead to frustration. If you want a complete and forever solution to your rodent problem, get a professional to rid yourself of rats.

What Bait Is To Use?

Baits help in attracting mice to the traps. There are several types of rat traps to choose from, and it is essential to understand which one works best for your situation.


Food bait attracts mice and lets you handle them. Here are food items that mice find irresistible:

Hot Dogs

Mice love the smell of hot dogs; they’re easy to bait since they’re already in bite-sized pieces. Just thread a piece of hot dog onto the trigger of your trap, and you’re good to go.

Bacon Bits

Mice are drawn to bacon’s salty, smoky taste, so bacon bits make excellent mouse bait. You can put a small amount in the back of your trap or even sprinkle a few around the area where you think the mouse is traveling.

Maple Syrup

The sweet smell of maple syrup is sure to attract mice. So put a dollop on the trigger mechanism to bait your trap with maple syrup.


Mice can’t resist a sugary treat, so candy is another excellent option to use as mouse trap bait. Just like with maple syrup, you can put a small amount on the trigger mechanism or scatter some around the area where you think the mouse is traveling.

Peanut Butter

This common pantry item is an effective way to trap mice or use for rodent bait, as they love the taste and smell of peanuts. However, you should be aware that peanut butter can quickly go stale. Hence, checking the expiration date before using it as bait is essential.


Another tasty treat that mice can’t resist is chocolate. Mice are drawn to chocolate’s rich flavor and smell, making it an ideal bait for your trap. However, chocolate can melt in warm weather, so it’s best to use it in cooler months. In addition, chocolate baits can attract rats and mice, so be sure to place your trap where rodents are known to congregate.


Cheese baits are easy to find and set and very effective in attracting mice into your snap trap. However, like peanut butter, cheese can go rancid quickly, so check the expiration date before using it as bait. Additionally, some types of cheese may be more effective than others at attracting mice. For example, cheddar cheese is an excellent option because of its strong flavor.

Crackers With Butter

This simple combination is very tempting for mice, who love the taste of both items. The crackers also help keep the butter from melting in warm weather. Just be sure to use fresh crackers and butter for optimal results.

Bird Seed Or Nuts

Bird seed or nuts can be an excellent option for bait because mice are attracted to them. However, it’s important to remember that these items can also attract other animals, such as birds or squirrels. If you’re looking to trap a mouse specifically, consider another option.

Pet Food

Pet food can also be a good choice for bait because it’s high in protein and fat, which mice need for survival. However, it’s essential to ensure that your pet food is not expired or contaminated. Otherwise, you risk harming the mouse you’re trying to catch.

Nesting Materials

Cotton and yarn are also used to entice and capture mice. The rats will gather any nesting supplies they can find if they are still constructing their nest within the house. So you can utilize them to your benefit to stop rodents.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are a popular choice for nesting material. They’re inexpensive, easy to find, and readily available at local hardware stores. Place a few cotton balls near the trap or in the back to use them as bait.

Cotton Swabs

Some rats also enjoy cotton swabs, so try using them as bait. To do this, poke a few cotton swabs through the back of your trap, and the mice will be drawn to the smell and taste of the cotton fibers.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is another material that mice can use to build their nests and also works well for trapping mice. The thin strands of floss help quickly catch mice and hold on tight once inside the trap. However, dental floss can be expensive, so you should stick with a cheaper option if your budget is limited.

Inkless Paper

Inkless paper is another option for capturing mice. The paper can be placed inside the trap or outside it for bait. Once the mouse grabs a piece and moves on, you’ll be able to close the door and capture your target quickly. However, the inkless paper may not work as well as other types of bait in particularly cold.

Scraps Of Wool

Another option is to use scraps of wool as bait. You can find small pieces of wire wool at most hardware and home improvement stores, making it an affordable and easy-to-find option. Just be sure not to use actual wire wool, which can harm the mice or leave sharp edges behind once the mouse has been trapped.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can be used in a similar way to inkless paper. Mice and rats will often shred tissue paper as soft bedding material. In addition, the tissue is lightweight and easy for mice to grab, making it an attractive option as bait.

Paper Towel Shreds

Paper towel shreds are an excellent option for bait because they are durable, lightweight, and easily available. Just be sure to avoid using paper towels with any chemicals on them, as this could harm or even kill the mouse you’re trying to trap.

Aspen Or Hardwood Shavings

Aspen or hardwood shavings can also be used as mouse trap bait. They’re also popular with mice and rats, often using them to line their nests. Just be sure to use shavings free of chemicals or other additives to safely use them as bait.

Specialty Baits

Specialty baits may be effective if the standard food bait and nesting supplies are insufficient to draw mice. These range from granules to poison blocks and can all be an effective way to entice mice into your trap. Just be sure that the bait is secure for use in houses with children or pets, as some tricks may contain chemicals or other harmful ingredients that could be dangerous for people and animals alike. 8,734 cases of rodenticide poisonings have been reported between 1999 and 2020. Some examples of specialty mouse baits include:

Tomcat Attractant Gel

Tomcat Attractant Gel is a highly effective way to bait rats, mice, and other rodents. This gel contains a strong attractant that will lure rats and mice into the trap, allowing you to catch them quickly and easily. In addition, the gel is comfortable to use. It can be involved directly in the surface of the web, making it ideal for use in areas where rats and mice are active.

Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps

These traps are designed to be simple to set up and use, making them ideal for those who want to spend less time setting up bait stations. The traps are also highly effective, catching rats and mice quickly and efficiently.

Provoke Professional Gel

This gel effectively attracts mice, making it easy to catch them quickly. This hypoallergenic gel is also easy to use and to spend less time setting up bait stations.

Mouse Trap Mistakes People Make

You must set mouse traps and wait until they’re caught. But you may not be accomplishing it as fast and effectively as possible. Let’s highlight some of the mistakes that are common while capturing a mouse;

Destroying The Bait

Mice are drawn to the smell of food, so it is essential to use fresh bait when setting mouse traps. However, many people make the mistake of handling the bait too much, which can destroy the scent and make the trap less effective.

Using The Wrong Food

Not all foods are equally attractive to mice. Some of the most suitable baits for mouse catches include peanut butter, cheese, and oats. Experiment with different baits to see what works best in your situation.

Use Of Excessive Bait

Using only a little bait is also important, as this can repel mice. Mice are naturally suspicious of new things in their environment, and a trap overloaded with bait will look suspicious. A small amount of bait should lure the mouse into the trap.

Expecting Immediate Results

Mouse traps will only work for a while. It may carry a few days or weeks for a mouse to find your trap and take the bait. So be patient and keep your traps baited and ready until you finally catch your mouse.

Placing The Trap In The Wrong Location

Many place their mousetraps near where they’ve seen the mouse, but this is usually not the best place to put it. Mice travel along walls and baseboards, so you’re more likely to catch them if you place the trap on the wall with the bait facing it. It would help if you also put it in an area where evidence of mice activity, such as droppings or gnawed food packaging.

Using Insufficient Mousetraps

If you have a severe mouse trouble, you will need more than just one or two mousetraps. You need to set out several traps spaced about a foot apart to increase your chances of catching the mice. And don’t forget to check the traps regularly and reset them if necessary.

Beginning Slow

One common mistake is trying to catch all the mice at once. But if you set out too many mousetraps at once, the mice will become trap-shy and avoid them altogether. So instead, starting with just a few traps is better and gradually increasing the number until you catch most of the mice. These tips will help you eliminate your mouse problem more quickly and efficiently.

How To Resolve These Mistakes?

Control of rats is a fundamental issue, as it may cause various health problems, damage your furniture, etc. So, while taking steps to control the infestation, you need to be careful about the common mistakes that usually occur. To rectify your mistakes, you can use the tips below to fix them.

Test Out A New Kind Of Bait

Instead of sticking to tried-and-tested baits like cheese or peanut butter, you should experiment with different types of bait. In particular, consider trying foods that are less familiar to mice, such as bacon grease or chewing gum.

Change Up Your Mousetrap Strategy

It may be time to alter things if you’ve been using the same type of mousetrap repeatedly. Various mousetraps are available today, so try a few different styles to see which works best for your situation. Some distinct styles include electric mousetraps, sticky traps, and snap traps.

Different Trap Placement

While placing your mousetraps near where you’ve seen mice might be pleasing, this is only sometimes the most effective strategy. Instead, it’s usually better to place traps adjacent to walls and baseboards, with the bait facing the wall. Try placing them in areas where there is evidence of mouse activity, such as droppings or chewed food packaging.

Test Out The “Nut In The Middle” Trick.

Try a different bait strategy if you’re struggling to catch mice with traditional mousetraps. One trick that sometimes works is putting a nut in the middle of a piece of tape instead of on top. This forces the mouse to exert more effort to get their food, making them more likely to go for your trap.

Use An Electronic Mouse Traps

If your infestation is particularly severe, try out an electronic rat trap. These traps use small amounts of electricity to kill mice instantly and humanely, making them a good alternative for those concerned about causing unnecessary pain or suffering to the mice they catch.

Hire A Professional Pest Control Service

If you’re experiencing a severe mouse infestation, hiring a professional pest control service can be the most effective approach. These professionals have years of experience handling rodent problems. They will know precisely how to get rid of your mice quickly and efficiently. Whether you decide to go the DIY or professional route, taking steps to control your mouse problem will help ensure your home is safe and mice-free.

Termites and Pest Control Mouse Infestation Control

Rat traps are effective only when the number of rats in the house is still manageable. Calling pest management experts like Termites and Pest Control is preferable for more severe infestations. We are experts at getting rid of mice for good and will ensure that your home is safe from these unwanted guests. With our fast, reliable service and highly effective treatments, you can be sure to get rid of pesky mice once and for all. Contact us today to learn more!

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